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Fleet Operations

Monitor Your Fleet Easily

Fleet Management System helps you to optimize company, fleet and driver working time. Reduce fuel and overtime costs, and change routes more quickly by avoiding jams, heavy traffic and reducing downtime.

Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking

Monitor your fleet in real-time.



Start and stop the machine remotely

Immobility and Double Protect

Immobility and Double Protect

Nyalakan dan matikan mesin dari jarak jauh

Driver Behaviour

Driver Performance Management

Improve driver productivity and performance with better features. Monitor drivers to improve delivery service quality, ensure driver and passenger safety, and achieve operational efficiency.

Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System

Camera to monitor the activity of the driver in the vehicle

Driver Monitoring System
Driver ID

Driver ID

Driver task identification and management system

Driver ID
Advanced Driver Assistance System

Advanced Driver Assistance System

Camera to see objects around the fleet with sensors and automatic systems

Advanced Driver Assistance System
Speed Buzzer/ Limiter

Speed Buzzer/ Limiter

Sound warning and limiting vehicle speed

Speed Buzzer/ Limiter
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What is Fleet Management System?

Fleet Management System is designed to remotely manage fleets, drivers, and cargo. The system includes features such as real-time vehicle tracking, vehicle performance monitoring, schedule maintenance, fuel management, driver management, and data reporting.

By using TransTRACK Fleet Management System, companies can optimize travel routes, reduce fuel consumption, extend vehicle life with scheduled maintenance, and improve safety by monitoring driver behavior. All of this helps companies reduce operational costs and increase the productivity of their fleet.

Functions of Fleet Management System

Here are some of the main functions of this system:

  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking: Real-time tracking of vehicle location and status.
  • Route Optimization: The system can provide the best route recommendations based on traffic conditions, distance, and travel time.
  • Fuel Management: Monitors the fuel consumption of each vehicle and provides reports on fuel usage.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Monitor vehicle maintenance schedules, such as routine maintenance and parts replacement.
  • Driver Management: Tracking of driver behavior such as speed, braking, and acceleration.
  • Reporting and Analysis: The system provides data and reports on fleet performance, fuel usage, maintenance, and driver behavior.
  • Vehicle Security: Equipped with security features such as remote locking and anti-theft alarms.

Advantages and Benefits of Using TransTRACK Fleet Management System for Businesses

The implementation of a Fleet Management System such as TransTRACK can provide various benefits and advantages for businesses, including:

  • Operational Optimization: TransTRACK enables more efficient fleet management through real-time monitoring, route optimization, and fuel management, reducing travel time and increasing productivity.
  • Cost Savings: With careful fuel monitoring and scheduled maintenance, TransTRACK helps reduce fleet operating costs, increasing business profitability.
  • Increased Security: Security features such as driver behavior monitoring and anti-theft alarms help reduce the risk of accidents and losses due to theft.
  • Improved Customer Service: More accurate arrival time estimation thanks to real-time monitoring, increasing customer satisfaction with more reliable service.
  • Better Reporting and Analysis: TransTRACK provides comprehensive data and reports, assisting in analyzing fleet performance and making better decisions to improve efficiency.

Features of TransTRACK Fleet Management System

Here are some of the features of TransTRACK's Fleet Management System:

  • Fleet Management: Enables complete management of vehicle fleets, including real-time location tracking, performance monitoring, and schedule maintenance.
  • Geofencing: Define specific geographical zones and provide automatic alerts when vehicles enter or leave those zones.
  • Driver Management: Track driver behavior, manage schedules, and provide performance analysis to improve safety and efficiency.
  • Cargo Tracking: Monitor the movement and whereabouts of cargo in vehicles to ensure on-time delivery and safety.
  • Task Management: Assists in the organization and monitoring of fleet-related tasks, such as goods delivery or customer service.
  • Mirroring: Displays real-time fleet-related information through mirroring across multiple platforms or devices.
  • Tracking Library: Provides a tracking library that can be integrated with various types of vehicles or tracking devices.
  • Fleet Command Center Dashboard: Dashboard that visually displays key information about the fleet for easy monitoring and decision making.

Companies that are Suitable to Use Fleet Management System

TransTRACK's fleet management system is suitable for many different types of companies that have fleets of vehicles or equipment that need to be managed efficiently. Here are some of the types of companies that might benefit greatly from implementing a Fleet Management System:

  • Logistics: Enables optimization of delivery routes, real-time monitoring of deliveries, and fuel management for fleets of trucks and transport vehicles.
  • F&B (Food & Beverage): Optimize the delivery of raw materials and finished products, ensure the freshness of goods, and improve the efficiency of product delivery to customers.
  • Financial & Leasing: Track the location of financed or leased vehicles, monitor usage eligibility, and optimize fleet management to minimize risk and increase return on investment.
  • FMCG, Retail & Consumer Goods: Improve product distribution to stores and customers, manage delivery fleets, and provide visibility into the supply chain.
  • Medical & Chemical: Provides condition and safety monitoring of shipments of medical materials or hazardous chemicals, as well as ensuring timely and safe delivery.
  • Mining, Plantation & Farming: Monitor the location and performance of vehicles and equipment in the field, manage maintenance schedules, and improve operational efficiency in agricultural or mining environments.
  • Rental: Track the location and usage of leased vehicles, manage maintenance schedules, and ensure optimal usage to increase return on investment.
  • Public Transportasi: Monitor public transit or private transportation fleets, optimize routes and schedules, and increase customer satisfaction with more reliable services.

TransTRACK Accident Compensation

TransTRACK is the first and only fleet telematics provider in Indonesia to provide accident compensation based on the TransTRACK GPS tool. This compensation is provided for a maximum of 3 people with a maximum of 50 million for those who experience death and permanent disability, 5 million for medical expenses, and 5 million for funeral compensation.